Wednesday 20 Mar 2019

West Asia 13&Under Development Championships

Kevin Chahoud

The Lebanese Kevin Chahoud and the Iranian Lachin Afshin finished as the top players of the event at the ITF West Asia 13 & Under Development Championships in Beirut in boys and girls draws, respectively.

Thirty seven players from Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria , Kuwait, Oman and Yemen participated in two four-day tournaments that followed a one-day training camp conducted by the ITF expert Amir Borghei. Hosted by the Lebanese Tennis Federation, the camp was a chance for players to be evaluated in technical and tactical terms.
Afshin lost the final of the first week to Iraq’s promising player Kamar Al Ajeely, while winning the second week beating Aya Khalaf of Syria. The Lebanese team, Chahoud and Najia as well as the Syrian team, Khalaf and Nahat won the boys’ and the girls’ doubles in the first week. However, Essa Ghabazard (KUW) partnering Sami Alward (YEM) as well as the Lebanese team of Nour Deeb and Mira El Sayed won the boys’ and the girls’ doubles of the second week.
In the closing ceremony, Samir Saliba and Ernest Fleihan (president and general secretary of LTF), Amir Borghei the ITF Development Officer for West Asia, as well as some team delegates, awarded the medals to the tournaments’ winners. Also, all players and coaches received a certificate of attendance for their participation in this year’s championships.
Based on the final rankings from the two events, players from West Asia will be selected to be on the ITF team that participates in Division 2 of the ITF Asia 14 & under Development Championships in 2015.

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